Hi There! My name is Iris van Dijck and I am a Dutch illustrator. I grew up in a tiny village in the south of Holland, nearby Belgium. I painted, drew and fantasized for as long as I can remember. I noticed at a young age that my vision of the world was different from the others surrounding me. Devious things in nature, small insects hiding, birds far away and hidden, sounds, feelings…. I appear to see, hear and feel them all very clearly.

All that I was forced to learn, just would stick, but when it had my interest it would glue to my mind forever, in every tiny detail. Memories don’t feel like memories. They feel like going back in time for a moment, and be at the exact same place and inner state as before.

Drawing was a simple way of expressing myself and the only thing that concreted my thoughts.

After a bumpy road to maturity and several studies later, I was afraid of choosing a creative job, scared to fall endlessly. I choose to work in the commercial sector for years. Till one fine day, I drew accidentally and shared my work with the world. The reactions I received were so overwhelming, that I could not resist to start over again. This time, full focused with only my heart to lead. Because of all the encouraging words and believes I felt strong enough to quit my job and change my life.

In 2017 I started a new study Graphic Design and retrained myself to be an illustrator, the only next plan was to follow my heart and its needs. It was the best decision of my life.

My three children, the hundreds of books I have read to them, and a full color open mind to this world, provide my inspiration for the illustrations I make. All my illustrations are created by hand, mostly with pencil & ink. An illustration is only ready when I find the perfect name for him/ here to come to life. It feels like I have created this amazing little family of creatures, the concrete version of my thoughts, to join this world.

I am creating illustrations for birth announcement, logo’s, books, cards and posters. In 2018 I have illustrated my first children’s book: “Vandaag wordt alles anders” written by Anne Marijn Struben Platiër.

I hope one day, I will have my own written and illustrated book in store.

You can contact me for further information: